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GBL1 01-09-2012 07:18 PM

Top Speed PRO-1 sway bars - $150 per pair!
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Front 35mm (15.35 lbs) + Rear 22mm (8.25 lbs) Sway Bars Suspension Package (forged steel sway bar with CUSCO-blue coating as show in picture)

*** Fits Nissan 350Z Z33 Fairlady 02-08 *** Special Package Deal: front and rear as a set ***

This is a great improvement for stiffening up the front & rear chassis. Your 350Z will handle much more aggressive corners.

Quote from a recent client (slightly modified so as to not mention competitors he did not like):

I'm really surprised that these bars have been around for a couple years! I don't think there's more than a handful of 350Z people that have purchased these and they're basically Cuscos!

I was really pleasantly shocked and amazed to see them for only $75 each when youve got, in my opinion, INFERIOR hollow bars selling for three times that price.

These are SOLID bars and well made. I know weight has been an issue with solid bars, so I compared the weight of these compared to (other popular hollow bars) and they're only around 3lbs heavier on the front!

I posted a thread on this forum about hollow bars having thinner walls at the BENDS and even showed a pic of the (other popular hollow bars) showing the pinching of the bar at bends. This weakens the bars overall stiffness. READ that thread! It's now locked, along with my other threads on bars...guess I ruffled some feathers.

Unfortunately, the current threads are falling on deaf ears, since 99% of those out there are (other popular hollow bars) zombies...amazing what marketing will do isn't it?

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